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01-22-2013, 12:44 PM
Originally Posted by denizenvi View Post
Maybe the GM's could institute 'behavioral guidelines' for specific zones, but this would be rather irregular and hard to enforce.
More and more online games (not only mmos) try to offer more freedom (yes even for trolls) .Guidlines and s*** like that would only make people feel they have to follow more rules they will move to other games whichi have less "rules" .

This game already has fleets which protect (though "protect" is the wrong word) people from trolls and if you want full freedom you can go outside them.The best way to censor other people is to ignore them like you do in real every day life (I bet you dont like to go in gettos and start complaning about things you dont like there).When you plan to get into a game where are more people than your friends you should expect people you wont like for x^y reasons.

GMs should spend more time helping people who have problems with the game not trying to stop gorn jokes in zone chat .Seen that in esd zone chat a week or two ago and that was a wtf moment .

^^^ that or cryptic can turn STO into a North Korea Online Simulator.Im sure people will spend money knowing that they have to memorize a list of things which can get their account banned.