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01-22-2013, 12:22 PM
Originally Posted by ducklesworth View Post
I'm not sure how. What I suggest is removing the inappropriate element(IE, things of a sexual nature or trolling/griefing), and not in a "ban your account" kind of way. Everyone wins this way. If you're flagged as an inappropriate RPer, then you simply do not have access to the instance provided. The RP community wins because they now have an unmolested haven to do their thing, the more graphic RP community can go to their own ship to do what they want, non-RPers just go on about their business, the trolls/griefers lose their targets without being banned, and the company continues to make money because no one's getting kicked from the game.
You've literally made my point for me. Making value judgements about who's stories or RP style are "worthy" about being out in the open is not the role of any moderator. Is some content, approaches or subject matter not necessarily ideal for public consumption? Absolutely, but that's something that should be dealt with person to person, and group to group, not by a system with the power to ban folks from interacting with other segments of the community.

Introduce an all powerful overlord with uncontested power, and it inevitably ends up being used as a weapon between various sub-groups.