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*The Federation ships start engaging the bit systems which start ripping through the shields like hornets and causing hull breaches all over the ship. Their defense bits take the shots without much harm thanks to shield generators. *

*Agent 3 watches from a surveilence bit and puts it on in front of Drake. *

Agent 3: It looks like The Republic picked the wrong fight, did you intend to send those bit equipped starships?
Drake: It doesn't matter.

*R.S.S. Republic.*

T'mar: Report!

John: Shields are at 79%.

The frigate at 084 Mark 27 is losing shields.

T'mar: Good morning gentlemen. This is your wake-up call!

*T'mar fires three transphasic quantum torpedoes at the frigate, which phase through her shields and detonate inside the ship, tearing it apart.

She then fires on the lead cruiser with the multi-frequencial phasers, managing to knock out her shield generator with a few well-placed shots which managed to phase through the shield. Two photon torpedoes slam into the port nacelle strut and knock her out of action.

A Federation Cruiser deploys bits directly in front of the Republic, and T'mar isn't able to evade before they slam through the primary shield and into the secondary shield.

Another Cruiser then fires a quantum-focused phaser beam and knocks out the forward shield before her omega cannons slam into the Republic's starboard nacelle. T'mar slams the Republic into a hard-right bank and lets rip with the ZPCs, which smash through the cruiser's shields with ease and tear through her hull (remember, the Republic was built to fight the Iconians).*

John: We've lost warp drive!

*Another set of bits impacts the deflector dish. On the bridge, sparks fly and a fire breaks out at the aft stations. A crewman leaves his post to extinguish it.*

T'mar: How are the Feds doing?

John: 7 ships down, 4 still fighting but heavily damaged. We've got another wave coming in though, 10 ships, led by...

The Enterprise.

T'mar: Hail them, there's still time!

John: They're blocking my comm signal.

T'mar: Then batter through! I want Captain Denvers on my screen now!

*An explosion rocks the bridge.*

John: T'mar, if we take another hit to the Deflector--

T'mar: Setting course for the planet! Divert everything we have, plus the kitchen sink, to shields and the ZPCs!

John: Are you...?!

*T'mar puts the Republic at full speed heading for the planet.*

You are!

*He opens the intercom.*

All hands, brace for atmospheric turbulence!

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