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Originally Posted by chrisedallen89 View Post
*Federation captain of the attacking USS. El Dorado Aputs them on the viewscreen.*

Fruska: Republic Vessel, your ship is compromised. Your weapons are disabled, your shields are gone, and your life support is failing. You cannot survive without assistance we are willing to do so if you will surrender. No more harm will come to your ship.
OOC: How inferior do you think Republic ships are?! Their weapons have a good chance of bypassing shields! Energy technology means their shields are at least as good as yours. The Republic itself has about 60-70 Matter-Antimatter Modules which supply power to secondary systems, which allows the Reactors and Warp Drive to power the weapons, shields, and engines. The ZPCs were designed to fight the ICONIANS (evidenced by these things being able to ruin a Synthesiser ship's day, which practically one-shotted a Republic Titan-Class Battleship (the Odyssey-C's opposite number, effectively), and has an arsenal of quantum transphasic warheads, combining the explosive yield of a quantum torpedo with the capability to phase through shields and hull. She's also got a fold-jump drive with a range that spans half the Galaxy. She can handle a few Federation ships (at any rate, she would NOT go down THIS quickly! She has THREE Shield Generators to power a Primary, secondary, and tertiary shield (each powering the exposed shield first!)).

Sorry for the rant. Getting sick of the Republic being made out to be inferior... especially when they came up with Multi-frequencial phasers before the Feds started using new-type tech, with the resources of ONE SPACE STATION compared to the whole Federation.
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