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01-22-2013, 01:51 PM
Originally Posted by tinkerstorm View Post
I'm not having this problem with any other MMO, only with STO (which right now should be called SNRO for Server Not Responding Online). You do the math.
Whether you can play Hello Kitty Online (or any other MMO for that matter) has about as much to do with connection issues in STO and how your PC connects to it as the price of tea in China.

Nothing at all.

No math required, either, just the basic understanding that...well, playing another MMO involves a completely different transit path. You don't take the same path to....say....your buddy's house around the corner and your brother's house halfway across the country, do you?

Neither does your network traffic to STO and to RandomFlavorOfTheMonthMMO. So whether you can play 100 other MMOs besides STO still doesn't rule out a transit problem.

In other words, do the network diagnostics, mmkay?
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