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Originally Posted by mustafatennick View Post

Torpedos don't need a buff if you use them right and time your hy/spreads right they can be devastating


1.Mate if you could blow a tier 1 bop up with those things I would be really shocked most shields people use run a 20% resistance to plasma and most pug pvpers forget to put the correct armour in and run plasma resistance as standard

2. You can raise higher base damage from a correctly placed photon/quantum than those "gimmick" spam balls

3. Pahahahahahaha

4. Pahahahahahaha
i find it hilarious that someone so smug knows so little. HY plasmas are knetic damage, any plasma torpedo deals kinetic damage. its a torp for crying out loud. the only plasma damage it deals is directly to the hull in the form of a DOT after impact. i dout you would find a unshootdownable HY omega that deals 40k damage+ very funny when delivered properly.
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