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Originally Posted by felderburg View Post
So you would say that the high level of Fleet gear outweighs any set bonuses you might get from having 2 or 3 from the same set?

I used to run MACO deflector and shields and the Omega engines.

I liked the 2 piece set bonus, but it wasn't all that great.

The Elite Shields has slightly less capacity than the MACO, but it has 15% resistance to Polaron, Tetryon, and Phaser (resA) or Disruptor, Plasma, and Antiproton (resB). Both of them have adaptive shielding, which gives you a chance to get a shield resistance to whatever you're being hit with...and it stacks up to 10 times. It's basically like the Aegis set bonus, but works on your shields instead of your hull. I'm losing out on the shorter ability cooldowns from the 2-piece set, as well as extra points to power insulators. I compensated for this by picking up one of the Embassy Sci power insulator consoles.

The Advanced Fleet Hyper-Impulse engines (note: not the Elite Fleet engines) has the same flight speed as the Omega engines, but has a slightly better turn rate. You also get the lesser asynchronous warp field, which is supposed to be a lesser version of the MACO engine ability.

I still use the MACO deflector, because it has a lot of bonuses, all of which are higher than the Advanced Fleet deflectors. I wasn't overly impressed with the Elite Fleet deflectors either.