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OOC: How do you get past the AT Shielding considering that it is using the users mind keeping its individuality. I did say that it was close to impossible unless another vessel had it which would nullify it. If it is the same force there is not the nullifying knack just a bit of a strong shielding. Multi frequncial phasers are quite a bit useless. Phasics may do it but there is defense bits. The Federation is no slouch either I was thinking it would be even one on one given the Captain. But even numbers would strategically wipe them all over the floor. Plus Omega weaponry and a fair arsenal. Hence why it is an even fight if one on one. But here the numbers are a problem. Just saying the Federation has much bigger resources and an incorporated Klingon Empire. Just trying say it is an even fight.

Federation based on numbers would drive that ship into the floor based on numbers and weapons that are a bit better including a bit system and AT shielding and 3 more sets of shielding normal types. No way 7 go down. 2-3 I can see. 4 heavy damage doubtful. Just saying the Federation is an entire nation that covers more than 200 worlds and nations. Of course there is some parity. Not trying to offend. Just a bit realistic because of 10 ships with Newtype tech, fold space drives, omega frame work, omega weaponry, Omega disruptors. Just an even fight if one on one. But if its ten to 1 that is not quite there. No matter how skilled.

I think a bit of in depth look at the Federation tech would be needed. If that would be fine. Like I did say did not mean to offend.
OOC: That's fine.

The Republic is a Battleship - the flagship of the Republic Navy. Most of the ships it's taken down so far have been frigates or support ships.

And, from what I can tell, the bit system is essentially dropping tons of metal chunks in front off an enemy ship (i.e. chaff) but a lot more dangerous. If the Republic's shields were down, that would be deadly, but the Republic's shields are up, and can be supplemented by the MAMs or the Fusion Reactors if needed.

Also, zero point energy is theoretically infinite, so the ZPCs are releasing about 10 times the power of a quantum warhead (which use zero-point btw) with each shot at standard power. Like I said, they were built to fight the Iconians.

Multi-Frequencial Phasers essentially just rotate the frequency after each shot randomly. That gives it an inherent chance of matching the shield frequency of the target (and since every form of energy in known physics using frequencies, that would include AT shields) and phasing through the shield. That was developed by DS61 to fight the Borg before the Republic was even formed, with the resources of a single space station. Republic Ships also utilise Sub-Space Coils, which tap the energy of subspace to increase a ship's warp core output drastically, increasing Warp Core efficiency (which is good as Dilithium is running out by this point. MUST BE FUEL ECONOMIC! lol, sorry).

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