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*A squadron of Klingon Warships warp in.

The Republic enters the planetary atmosphere, its shields getting battered by an ion storm T'mar deliberately flies into. Three Federation Frigates follow her in.*

T'mar: They just don't know when to quit! Photons, full spread. Firing.

*T'mar fires a spread of photon torpedoes, blinding the frigates' sensors for a few seconds while the Republic flies above the storm. Due to the storm's EMP output, the frigates can't re-acquire the Republic with sensors. The Republic, now above them, fires her ZPCs and forces a frigate's shields down. She then starts losing power and starts to fall into the atmosphere before the Republic locks a tractor beam and pulls her out of the gravity well. Rinse, repeat for the other two ships before she dives back into the atmosphere, below the worst of the storm, and lands on the North Magnetic Pole, making detection even harder.*

Phew. Begin repairs.

John: Already on it.

Nicely done, lieutenant.

T'mar: Thanks. You're in charge now, Commander.

*In space. The Klingon Vessels move closer towards the battle area.*
optimus: republic vessel this is optimus prime i have a engineer who could help speed up your repairs. I will deal with the federation ships.

optimus turns back to the screen.

Optimus: i give you one chance captain let the republic go or we will have a fight on our hands and one i do not think you will win.