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Optimus: you will stand down and let them retrieve here people on the planet or will answer to me.

a tone of anger creeps into his voice.

Optimus: but i will not stand by and wath you attack a ship that is defending itself. Do not test me. I may be patient but when lives are being put at risk i will not tolerate that kind of action.
*OOC: Peter Cullen's voice to those lines...

Oh my...

Okay, I've finished having a little blissful moment now.

Okay, the Avengers was pushing it, but how did we get to Transformers? (How does it work that I think Transformers, which are actual technology, are more far-stretched than superheroes? That makes little-to-no sense!)

That doesn't mean stop. I wanna see how this goes. *Jokingly* Just don't expect me to turn Drake into Megatron.

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