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01-22-2013, 02:30 PM
..Whut? Feds get a bioneural nuke? Has cryptic read their own description for that item - No Stafleet officer would ever equip that thing as its sentient AI tortured and molded into a 'living' weapon! (Not that it'll stop me from using it a few weeks down the line when the gambling addicts try to recoup their losses, but they go on about retaining canon so much..)

As to the rest..ho hum -new ships that only the lockbox-addicted will get, yet another nail in the coffin of pvp and using anything else but escorts in pve new doffs that'll likely have a sting in the tail as bad as snb doffs, a god-awful looking pet, a rediculously overpriced upgrade package for the jem set (going by th 'upgrade' for the tholian cystal set), more mirror escorts for escorts online (klinks meanwhile get a carrier which has its pros and cons) and hilariously pointless dilithium mining claims (woo...yet more surplus dil to sit unrefined as we have a refining cap!)

...It makes me glad I've never spent a penny in or on this game, I'll just get my prizes at a 100% chance rate off the exchange and leave the lockbox bs to those with more money than sense