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01-22-2013, 02:33 PM
Actually, turrets do get adapted to, but they do not remodulate themselves. However, that's not important, as I was just testing my phaser turret against a group of Borg on Otha. When the turret was adapted to, it kept shooting for full damage. No "Adapted!" icon sprung up with the damage text.

I was testing on Captain 30 with the Fab Spec MK VII kit, so maybe those don't remodulate, but I can't imagine they're much different.

All that said, I still vastly prefer Enemy Neutralisation. I have a fast, aggressive playstyle, I get up in peoples faces and hit them as hard as I can. I'm always on the move be it PvE or PvP, setting down my turrets and then chasing after my enemies does nothing for me. If we had to babysit out turrets and generators like the TF2 Engineer and they did the majority of our damage, I might consider using them.
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