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OOC: That's fine.

The Republic is a Battleship - the flagship of the Republic Navy. Most of the ships it's taken down so far have been frigates or support ships.

And, from what I can tell, the bit system is essentially dropping tons of metal chunks in front off an enemy ship (i.e. chaff) but a lot more dangerous. If the Republic's shields were down, that would be deadly, but the Republic's shields are up, and can be supplemented by the MAMs or the Fusion Reactors if needed.

Also, zero point energy is theoretically infinite, so the ZPCs are releasing about 10 times the power of a quantum warhead (which use zero-point btw) with each shot at standard power. Like I said, they were built to fight the Iconians.

Multi-Frequencial Phasers essentially just rotate the frequency after each shot randomly. That gives it an inherent chance of matching the shield frequency of the target (and since every form of energy in known physics using frequencies, that would include AT shields) and phasing through the shield. That was developed by DS61 to fight the Borg before the Republic was even formed, with the resources of a single space station. Republic Ships also utilise Sub-Space Coils, which tap the energy of subspace to increase a ship's warp core output drastically, increasing Warp Core efficiency (which is good as Dilithium is running out by this point. MUST BE FUEL ECONOMIC! lol, sorry).
OOC: AT shielding is a tad bit out of physics as it is the barriers of the Newtype mind. Like what makes us us. Psycho frequency. Like I said the only known thing to crack it is another field at the same frequency. Given that drawback they do have 2 layers of shields under it. When they interact with others of different frequencies they can pull a maneuver to make the shielding bigger and more powerful causing more blocks.

Omega weapons

Omega Disruptors: These are keyed at rotational frequency that can rip through shields like butter, as it is attached by the Omega warp core things are running quite efficiently and are powerful. The torpedoes are quite a tad different with the yield of a tricobalt torpedo but with a faster moving speed giving them a higher damage output. Then the complement of more advanced quantum anti matter torpedoes.

Omega Frame work- Given the resonance the frame given the amount of will present at the area causes unknown phenomenon that cause unspeakable things that moot physics.

The Bit system. The bit system has 1-3 newtypes with headsets linking them to the system either attack or defense mode. These bits are powered by a laced warp core with Omega. Giving them a long active fielding rate. Their small generator of anti shield tech weasel through and start hitting the enemy with Omega disruptors and anti matter torpedoes. They are also capable of ramming into the target causing a small warp core breach causing a pretty good explosion. The Defense system bits are bit different and are made to counter the blows the Newtype can sense for the longevity of the material the armor is made of.

Outside the of the other weapons there are different weapons on most classes of ship.

Cruisers pack arrays and torpedos and quad cannons with the bit system.

Escorts carry a bit system, rapid fire cannons, and etc

The Federation ships also match the speeds and efficiency of most Iconian and Republic tech.