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01-22-2013, 03:19 PM
Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
oh god the humanity, 1 lock box 3 carriers. the mirror kdf carrier is 1 thing, but really? both dominion ships needed hangers? STUPID. no justification for it, and a huge amount of additional spam to deal with

and the phsed polaron, WTF? that already exists, and its polaron with a tetryon proc. dont they get it? phaser and polaron is the end game as far as weapons go, a combination of those 2 is the best, there is no other weapon type combo beter. what, are they going to retroactively modify the phased polaron from the featured episodes so they are polaron/phaser too? i just hope thats a typeO

the jem set getting upgraded, that shield has the potential to out do maco. so that will be interesting to see. less plasma weapon immunity at least
would be a lot for such a thing though

1 last thing, these JHAS hanger pets, they CANT have SNB. i should not have to explain why.
It's going to be awesome - can't wait to go in with a full pre-made with 1 billion fighters going out all with every kind of weapon and sci skill - it will be just like a team of 30+ people against 5 if they don't come prepared.