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Yes, maybe I should be more precise... There were no Fed carriers. Advantage Klink. Along with cloaking, given to Klink but not Fed until VA ships came out.

Then forever did Klink rule PvP. The only tactic was Fed balling. I remember those days and PvP was awful. The whole of STO didn't PVP for crap anyway except a few dozen REALLY effective players. Only after F2P did PvP blow up like this and there are legions of PvPers that don't recall early PvP. Plus, the skill tree was MASSIVELY different.

There are reasons PvP has changed so much from 'Classic'... It sucked WAY more then than it does now.

It's a spec, along with a voluntary tag to confer compliance. It can be written and rewritten by Hilbert at will from Player input; and it can be done a LOT faster than trusting the Devs to fix the mechanics in the game. We can just let it ride now and do trials because I'm sure none of us really knows what a true 'white spec' ship behaves like vs. a 'classic' build- especially since it's now impossible to duplicate.

It lays out an opportunity for the players in the game to see and adhere to the Classic PVP spec, trust one another to do so, and play their hearts out. After a bunch of weeks playing around in a Classic spec, voluntarily, Hilbert can take a look and gauge the community on what we think is really worth having or not having regarding these couple of little items.

It's a 95% solution. We can test things out, weigh in, and change them in that spec. That can bring it to 100%.

We will find either that classic specced ship PvP will be fun and rewarding in whatever flavor settles, or it will be horribly unbalanced toward certain vessels and ship builds- yeah you can bring what you want but competition will force the community to gravitate to certain setups as not all are created equal.

youre making no sense.... i know all that already. the only carrier allowed in the classic i think is the klingon one....
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Frankly, I think the only sound advice that one can give new players at this time is to stay away from PVP in STO.
Science pvp at its best-
Do you even Science Bro?

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