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Originally Posted by commandodan2001 View Post
Yes, maybe I should be more precise... There were no Fed carriers. Advantage Klink. Along with cloaking, given to Klink but not Fed until VA ships came out.

Then forever did Klink rule PvP. The only tactic was Fed balling. I remember those days and PvP was awful. The whole of STO didn't PVP for crap anyway except a few dozen REALLY effective players. Only after F2P did PvP blow up like this and there are legions of PvPers that don't recall early PvP. Plus, the skill tree was MASSIVELY different.

There are reasons PvP has changed so much from 'Classic'... It sucked WAY more then than it does now.

I'm not sure what your experience was in 2010, but mine was quite positive playing my fed tact. Moving on to KDF, it was fun and challenging. The BoP was certainly a unique ship that was on par with the fed escorts of the time. It was even fun doing 1v1s. Not so much anymore of course. You can argue the cloak gave a distinct advantage but in many 1v1s I did it wasn't allowed. Most were either even or I would get outclassed by a better 1v1 player. Regardless they were certainly more fun than now, IMO.

Moving on to the quality of players. Cmdr/Captain/RA-BG/VA-LG popped fairly frequently I thought. A good majority in the timezone I played (late night US) provided a good set of players/teams and frequent fun pops. Sure it wasn't always fun forming a team up every match, so kind of a +1 to the f2p changes (although be nice if previous teams were auto-reformed). Did get some pretty hax teams going from that though.

CMDR was certainly the best, and then you could leave your toon @ cmdr and just pew pew. It was AWESOME. The quality of players, lack of consoles, provided a fun experience that didn't really favor one group or another. Feds had their sci ships and tricks to work with cloaks, KDF had the surprise advantage but had to refrain from being detected. It was fun!

RMC is still an available item. getting more rare and more expensive though.
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