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# 47 Yes, I see that.
01-22-2013, 03:35 PM
Yeah I misspoke about the carrier... OCD much?

My point is, PvP "way back when' sucked really horribly. Both 1v1 and teams.

The Classic Spec will fail if it sucks. Some things will need excluded beyond what is even here. For one, to enhance fairness and encourage quality matches, not 75-minute healfests...

Let it not suck. Do some trials, see what the community likes and dislikes, now that the decisions are narrowed down for us already by the proposed spec.

We may find that the inclusions/exclusions list won't really matter with regard to the carrier or the pre-order items.

Vet Boffs didn't exist, neither did MK XII, so leave them out.

Pre-order items aren't attainable by everyone, so leave them out, whether they suck or not isn't the issue. Strict adherence to a universally obtainable spec encourages more people to buy into it. And maybe it'll put some demand back on our MK X purple gear...