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I agree. They only had to deal with a few hastily modified individuals and a small retrofitted transport. Though they did have Borg adaptive shields....
I would suggest that maybe the implants which generate the adaptive shields are the first ones to be internally replicated, but that was clearly not the case with Lieutenant Hawk (Although to be fair, the Tarkaleans were infected much longer than Hawk was...) Either way, I think more fully assimilated drones on board, or an encounter with an intact cube, and it would've been game over for the crew of the NX-01...

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Yeah, Phlox's treatment did nothing but disable the nanites.... on a fully assimilated individual it wouldn't work.
I disagree. The first step in de-assimilating an individual once they're separated from the collective is to prevent further implants being internally replicated, or any removed implants being replaced. Shutting down the nanoprobes is the logical step in preventing that technological regeneration, so shutting down the nanoprobes would logically be the first step for a physician to take before attempting to start removing major hardware