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01-22-2013, 04:48 PM
Originally Posted by livinrtb View Post
We went over that in the meeting and everyone agreed, I did step away for a few mins and when I came back we had Very Rare MkXII weapons and consoles after everyone agreed to Very Rare MkXI...I advocated for RMC on the basis that the Neodymium Deflector Dish, Automated Defense Turret and so on where allowed. they don't pose a huge advantage but they are not readily avalible...and should be excluded from use.

I thought the principle of the PVP Classic, was to set a lvl playing field where skill, team work, and sportsmanship would be your greatest advantage.

Allowing anyone to join with out a huge investment, If the Elitests or Others out there can't afford or don't have said equipment such as ra lvl ships or IMHO a toon with out Romulan passives xp weekend is comming up I suggest u get to work.

For simplicity it was agreed MK XII would be okay.

I'm certainly a fan of MK XI R/VR (consoles/weapons)/No Rep Passives but for simplicity and to make the event more open, both were allowed.

That said, maybe those with alts would consider making teams for random privates? For Fun! No passives, doffs, MK XII anything, ect. Just throwing it out there. Saturday is the next bootcamp so maybe some will bite on the idea and we can discuss it more then.
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