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01-22-2013, 04:04 PM
For someone with a SIG stating respect for opinions, u show very little of it.
As for jemmies being a hard ship to kill, yes ... he got me 4 times, i got him 2 ... his mistake, not havin sci-team to clear my sub-nuc in a pug match.

As for saying the torpedoes in their basic for need a buff , still a yes on that count.
There are various ways to do just that, it all depends on how it changes and what changes with it, as there are various roads to do it, as i dont see a flat damage increase fixing the problem.

Order of likelyhood
1. Magazine style shooting, like DDIS sugested
2. Wide angle shooting for regular fire, narrow arc for THY/TS
3. Let the impact damage rollover thru the shieldfacing it just overpowered.
4. Fix critical hits to shields so it works logically (no magic shield-slivers keeping away 90% explosion damage)
5. Fix angles on ship types based on size & turnrate, 45 escorts, 90 sci, 180 cruiser

just my opinion