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Originally Posted by mustafatennick View Post
Smug no just couldn't stop laughing at the guy who thinks he can take the strongest single ship in the game down with a gimmick torp

Attack pattern alpha III fommIII Beta III and a critdx3 quant can supply you with those numbers try it

Plus that's a crit the rest of the time the hideous things land for 1200 damage I have a grav well that ticks for more

Oh and your knowledge of the English language is great too "unshootdownable" come on
thats nice, its one thing to stack all that on an stf transformer, but no one who inst asleep in pvp is gonna be hit with all that. i'll just lazily get single hit numbers like that without full tac buffs or anything with HY omega. crits are as common as good hull hits anymore, especially with the rom boffs and the 3 crit consoles. even if it does hit shields, the plasma fire does more good that any quantum to shield hit would. the rom spam torp? thats really just for spam and plasma fires, a joke weapon. but the HY omega torp is a viable, if not often hazardous to user, weapon.

you think unshootdownable is bad, wait till you notice i don't bother capitalizing anything. might be because this is a stupid web forum and im unable to care a whole lot about such things. its amusing you do though.

Originally Posted by jivedutch View Post
Order of likelyhood
1. Magazine style shooting, like DDIS sugested
2. Wide angle shooting for regular fire, narrow arc for THY/TS
3. Let the impact damage rollover thru the shieldfacing it just overpowered.
4. Fix critical hits to shields so it works logically (no magic shield-slivers keeping away 90% explosion damage)
5. Fix angles on ship types based on size & turnrate, 45 escorts, 90 sci, 180 cruiser

just my opinion
those are all good. torps don't need a damage buff of any kind vs hull, no one is asking for a buff like that, when it hits its perfectly fine. how they deal damage against shields is the main problem
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