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01-22-2013, 05:15 PM
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"In honor of the Dominion?s favored use of Phased-Polaron weaponry, a new Hybrid Weapon Pack containing this unique energy type will be available in the Dominion Lock Box. These weapons contain the special effects of both Phasers and Polarons, "

sounds like whats in the lock box and is pol/phas is going to be called Phased-Polaron. twhat we get from the featured episodes is now called dominion polaron and is pol/tet.

thus my headache
It's going to be awesome!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting to get new weapons for my toons - I think I will go for all phased polaron - 2 great procs in one weapon

Mk12 purples phased polaron accx3 - YES! BOOM BOOM as everything you have for defense and shields and engines etc etc etc goes bye bye - throw in some SNB - happy times for my sci toon finally!