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01-22-2013, 05:44 PM
Originally Posted by zerobang View Post
- i want a Dominion Shuttle/Fighter for my shuttle Slot

- i want a proper Jem'Hadar player captain (you are selling monsterplay in boxes, then please sell me the complete thing)

- i don't like Set Upgrades from Lobi Store that is pure Pay 2 Win and it is bad, upgraded Sets belong in Reputation Systems, not LockBoxes.

- so i take it there will be no Dominion Reputation system anytime soon, not if you blow all the good Dominion stuff out now.

- Tactical Carrier? PLEASE come with 8 weapon slots and 5 tac console slots? PLEASE? I hated all carriers so far because they just had no oomph and were Sci centric, a tactical carrier for a tactical captain... i want that!

- i see the Jem'Hadar Bug Ship NPC version still has not been updated to the Player Ship visuals since last year. could you please get that done, the low res NPC ship is really nothing fancy to look at, and if i have them as option for the fighter bay, they better look their best!

- The Dreadnought scale was way to small last time i checked, plz correct the scale UP, that ship is supposed to be Tholian Dreadnought HUGE!

- i want to see the visuals of the JemHadar Armor... now!
I agree... seems like PWE doesn't understand a lot of us have more than 1 character. Unless they change it to something like you are suggesting I'm pretty much going to do as I do in most cases is just discard the boxes(LTS players should have a function... auto discard of lockbox feature).