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01-22-2013, 05:23 PM
considering the BoPs all use universal boff stations I don't see the point of this besides you wanting a BoP with less/more console slots and toys depending on variant.

I'd prefer a new 'Heavy' Bird of Prey variant. A replacement for the aging B'rel platform.

Rather than an enhanced cloaking device, this one would have a phase cloak. When phase cloaked it cannot receive damage. Phase cloak operates like the enhanced cloak but not as good. Rather than 3 seconds to auto-recloak it takes 5 seconds.

Phase cloak enables torpedoes to be fired while remaining cloaked, energy weapons will decloak the BoP for 5 seconds. Only active external effects that disrupt cloak will bring it out of phase and apply the timer to re-cloak of 15 seconds-ish.

HOWEVER, when under phase cloak the ship receives timer penalties... all 'skillpoints' spent on Boffs that speed up their timers are nullified. Ergo, torpedo high yield takes a full minute to re-load rather than 30 seconds.

The BoP is also partially visible (aka stealth detected) for 8 seconds after firing torpedoes but it can't be locked on to. The visibility is enough to allow ships with PBAOE or other cloak-revealing abilities to close in and pull the ship back into phase.

Have this BoP have a console: Eye of Kahless

This console is similar to the new ability from jemhadar lockbox but with a twist: rather than the more you shoot a target the higher the chance weapon hits will disable a subsystem it will be that critical hits scored on a target have a good chance of disabling engines, aux or weapons (not shields).

Cmdr Universal
Lt Cmd Univ
Lt Cmd Univ
Lt Univ.
Lt Univ.

5 fore weapon
1 aft weapon

Weak shields hp
Raptor like hull hp
BoP-worthy speed.
Turn rate between BoP and Raptor but with higher inertia (sliding attacks more frequent).

Visual wise I'd make it a cross between the B'rel, the Heghta and a Peghqu raptor.

Hegtha hull (body), b'rel and heghta wing choices and pehqu 'nose' section and overall ship size.

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