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To repeat some previous posts, I think it is kinda overkill that STO is making every faction's ship available widely to Fed/Kling factions. Honestly, I think that we should see these other factions (rom, dom, card, ferengi, etc.) made available to play... Then again, this request has been made since day 1 of STO, pretty much, and still seems to be pacified by releasing these "substitutes".

I say that PW needs to hit the nail on the head and move forward by making more playable factions rather than merely releasing their ships to... Starfleet... and The Klingon Empire... after all, I believe that a true klingon would much rather fly a bird of prey or a negh var than a dominion ship... respectively the same for a starfleet officer.
Cryptic is counting on lockboxes to sustain revenue and by doing so shooting themselves in the foot. While the boxes may provide a sizable quick boost, it will be impossible for them to create these factions for future extended content by releasing all these ships and content through the boxes in the small amount of time since the first box. In effect, Cryptic is actively shortening the longevity of their own game.
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