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01-22-2013, 06:05 PM
My view on this is a few things have to be changed in the way this is going to unfold before myself and anyone else that has opposed this thing of needing the attack ship and a carrier to buy very rare carrier pets for this.

#1. First off it should only be a requirement that you have to have a Jem Hadar Carrier to purchase them that is not a big compromise to get them. Although I could see the balance there in someone just dropping them in a vo'quv or atrox without owning an actual Jem Hadar Carrier.

#2. If you guys feel it to get your jollies off that we own a ship + a jem hadar carrier just make it where you have to own 1 mirror ship from that pack so that players can easily just buy one off exchange if need be and gets your jollies off and pleases most people or whatever.

#3. If these are going to be per toon and not account wide you guys need to up this drop rate of a trillionth of a percent drop rate for these things. It's not like most asian grindfests where every player has 1 toon they play and then some banking toons a lot of us veterans have like 20+ toons.

#4. Make having an LTS account mean something with these lockboxes because its the foundation of this game now is to grind nonstop without getting to enjoy anything. So if thats what its going to be then make it worth the chunk of change every LTS player has dropped into this game (We might not be paying customer anymore but a lot of veterans who are still committed to the game are the ones who are pushing forward all the noobs you want/are getting money from so we would like some respect when it comes to doing your jobs for you )