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So I bought the Melee Weapons Pack for my Klingon, because it advertised... I quote:

"When Kahless the Unforgettable created the first bat'leth, he forged the blade in the fires of the Kri'stak volcano. For hundreds of years, blade masters from the Kri'stak region have created some of the finest bat'leths in the Empire in his honor.

The Kri'stak Blade is an uncommon bat'leth that increases in effectiveness as you level and has a small bonus to critical severity and damage"
That is directly from the C-Store description. I knew what I was buying, with my real USD Dollars. I knew it was an "uncommon" weapon as well.

Since however I was paying real money for this weapon, I expected this Blade to at least be on par with the Shard Sword of Kahless that you get as a quest reward during the Fek'Ihrii missions; or at the very least be as good as if not better then the common "rare" quality Bat'Leths that you can purchase in the Exchange...

Instead, I get a piece of junk that I'm never going to use because the "rare" quality MK X Bat'leth that I picked up on the Exhange for 5000 EC is a hundred times better then this c-store junk!

I'd be demanding a refund from PWE over this crap if I thought it would be worth my time...

Don't ever buy the Melee Weapons Pack off the C-Store if you think you're going to get something that is actually going to benefit you in any way...

All it does is just look cool to wear...

For me, its now just useless junk taking up space in my bank...

By the way, the Lirpa that came with the pack is pretty sucky too... I've seen significantly better Lirpa's on the Exchange for less then 5000 EC...

Don't waste your money on this C-Store crap until someone at PWE makes it something thats actually worth buying...

Kri'stak Blade -- CLICKIE
Klingon Bat'leth Mk X -- CLICKIE
Shard Sword of Kahless -- CLICKIE

Seriously PWE?

Why the heck would ANYONE, want to PAY you for a piece of junk like that Kri'stak Blade, when they can just get a much better weapon off the Exchange for less then 5000 EC or just go run through an easy quest to pick up a better one for free?

Come on PWE! Upgrade the stats on this Kri'stak Blade so its at least worth it!!

Either that, or give me my $5 back for the 500 Zen that I bought to get this piece of junk!