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Originally Posted by grandmoffjoseph View Post
This is clearly the most feature packed lockbox yet, and the potential prizes are definitely first rate.

BUT, it's getting to be a bit much, as box after box rolls out, with the same super-low drop rate, and the same insanely expensive keys needed to open them. Keeping track of rare Doffs and consoles are one thing, but there are so many ships available to both factions now, it's literally impossible to keep them straight, or even figure out whether changing ships is worth it or not. And that's before the Mirror universe, temporal, and other lockbox ships appeared.

I get that it's all about revenue, but can we get a reorganization of the ship classes?
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Yeah and like most games its so user unfriendly. It should be that boffs learn a skill and you don't have to relearn it unless you just go and buy a flew of 4-5 boffs per ship so it will remember it should be as easy as a click to go and change ships with the weapons saved and all that good jazz. Unfortunately the customer or player is not on top of the list but their money is the only thing a player is worth with this age of corporate run mmorpgs.
Under the present format, it's not worth it as often as they keep pumping out ships. You pay for the modules. You pay for the ships even if it's just for the special console. You pay for the keys, if not directly but someone does. Then you still must pay for the respec.

As I've stated before, the captain specs as they exist now should be tied to the ship being commanded not to the captain. Whether or not the captain has a personal disposition toward stealth is irrelevant. It is the ship that must be stealthy. The same can be said of hull plating, warp core potential, etc.
All cloaks should be canon.