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01-22-2013, 08:23 PM
Originally Posted by webdeath View Post
I don't mind the Carriers.. yet.. (Though Assault carrier probably means SIMILAR to Kar'fi, but BETTER obviously.. since it's lockbox)

But this is what pisses me off the absolute MOST..

Normally I don't say things like this... But

/Rant on **** you Cryptic! Oh ****ing Gee.. you have to have the Jem'Hadar Attack ship, the best escort in the ****ing game to get Pets for a Carrier.. which will probably be Over ****ing powered ****. Not to mention now this will drive up the ****ing price of the existing bugs on the Exchange!

And to top it off all the ****ing consoles can be used on the god damn Bug?! Making it MORE powerful?! REALLY?!

Before I didn't care to get a Jem'hadar Bug, because honestly I don't think I could fly it properly. Geez../rant off

agreed as if the bug wasnt op enough...Welcome to Jem'hadar bug ship Online