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01-22-2013, 07:43 PM
Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
I really think a dedicated GM for even 1 RP ESD instance, 24/7 is probably not realistic. We do have GMs, but we don't have WoW money to afford a billion of them to keep tabs on everyone all the time.
And an RP Server/Instance would most certainly draw trolls.
Well, looks like you got the answers to your question. There's never going to be a perfect environment, but, unless there is a place where the open community of players knows they can go and find RP and griefing is an infraction of ToS and manageable as such STO is not going to be set up for RPers or the RP community.

I agree that the 24/7 GM is unrealistic, but, if in any way there was a strong anti-harassment policy in the Terms of Service and a way to eventually penalize those that break it (even after long review or a tally of so many hundred bad marks and a GM checking and giving a rubber stamp and a penalty) would go an amazingly long way. It may even, over time, curb the shear amount of trolls for those RP instances.

I played WoW on an RP server, and never once did I see any kind of game staff act as "RP police". But, what I did see was trolls and griefers getting banned after a few weeks of constant harassment and reports. STO, has fleets built around the comradely of harassing this entire playerbase in Drozana. :/