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Originally Posted by daveyny View Post
They could do incremental steps 'back' from the present Level 21...

Say They stick in enough stuff to go from 21 down to 15 as the new starting point.

And then a few months later add enough stuff to drop the starting point down to the beginning.

It doesn't have to all hit at the same time, at least with this notion there's a obvious focus that the Klingon players can be hopeful about.

Also, by doing it in increments, They could get a better handle on just how much effort They need to do based on how much the new stuff is played.

One would hope that if it does happen this way, the current Klingon players go out and beg and cajole to get everybody they can, to create a Klingon toon so as to up the numbers.
Honestly, I think this is what is realistic in terms of what you can expect. As i said before, to be equal to the federation, to where the KDF say "ok, you have fulfilled all your promises, we are happy now" is going to take 30+ Missions. (I Forget exactly how many unique missions the feds have but it is somewhere around 42-47)

That is a ridiculous amount of ground for Cryptic to cover, especially for season 8. Again, as I said before, if they want to do it, GO for it. But I am not going to hold it against them.

Incrimental advancement would narrow that number down to about 5-10 a season. Honestly, if you want an overall storyline, this would be more then adequate without ruining too much. If I recall correctly, minus the FEs (which are not unique and so don't count anyways), the feds don't have more then one or two episodes that tie directly into each other, so you are pretty safe there. Even if you start from the begining storyline and build from there, for instance we will call it "Episode One" starts the 15-20 content, but instead of the storyline going backwards, "Episode One" will remain episode One, and 10 -15 has "Episode Eleven" to "Episode 20". This off course all assumes non of the current stuff is mix in with the new stuff. Which is also totally do able.