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# 3 A Tale of Two Valroonas.
01-22-2013, 09:45 PM
(I'll take the challenge).
For the "Mirror Mirror on the...Viewscreen" challenge.
A Tale of Two Valroonas
By Ld. Kristoffer J Martin aka Lord Relentless
"Captain?s log, stardate 1081766.29 the Drako Occulus arrived as scheduled to an outer region of the Gamma Quadrant to study a strange alien device believed to be left behind by a Dividian incursion into the area," said Vice Admiral Valroona. He sat behind his desk in his ready-room a cup of hot cocoa.
"Admiral," said Cmdr. N'Doran, "the device is within range."
"On screen," said Varoona.

On the main viewer a large spherical object rotated at a slow rate. A silver light emanated from it's surface as it scanned the Drako.

"Sir, we're being scanned," said Oyowhe.
"Raise shields," said Valroona as he stood from his seat.
"Reading a phase variance in its quantum state sir, it looks as though it's going to shift," said N?Doran.
"Quantum shielding," barked Valroona, "brace for impact."

The Dividian device phase shifted expelling a massive amount of photons and anti-photons which rocked the Drako Occulus just as the quantum shielding came online. The ship and her crew were sent flying backwards dragged along by the shockwave.
"I have to admit the new shielding held firm," said Valroona, "I hadn't expected to encounter such a weapon, if it could be called that. However, as my crew and I discovered, the Dividians have reached far and wide."
"Sir we're being hailed."
"Is it the device?" Valroon said, as he picked himself up from the wake.
"No sir, it's uh?" N'Doran sputtered, an uncommon thing for a Klingon as she turned to look at Valroona.
"Spit it out N'doran."
"It's you sir."
"On screen."
"Before me was myself, or, rather, a me from another universe. Of course I had read the reports from the past few hundred years of Star Fleet encounters with alternate universes, but I hadn't thought I'd be involved in such an event. I've experienced Time Travel, even used a quantum cloning device, but this was disconcerting."
"I'm sure this isn't quite what you had expected to see," said the alternate Valroona. He was dressed in a yellow uniform with the insignia of Bajor where his com badge should be. His horns were black and one was cracked, but it was Valroona.
"I am Admiral Roxicorico Fallapatorius Valroona, and you I take it?"
"Admiral, huh, and a Star Fleet officer at that," said the Alternate Valroona. "I am Cardinal Valroona and if we are the same person I can only guess that you were stranded in the Alpha Quadrant as I was??
"Yes, only, it would seem I joined Star Fleet."
"Star Fleet in my universe isn't as you know it to be in your universe. I've actually traveled to this location to use a device that transits realities."
"You knew what it could do?" Valroona walked closer to the view screen. His counterpart's large head stared back at him, their reflective eyes almost blank. "How, our intelligence only suggested it to be of Dividian origin?"
"Dividian, I haven't heard of them. I only know that it was rumors leaked over our spy network on the Terran Empire that suggested it could do what it seems it has done here and now."
"And it was you who activated it?" Valroona looked at himself, "what is it you want? I know that if you are me you wouldn't have come here looking for this device if there wasn't a reason."
"I...we need your help," said the Alternate Valroona, "I was barely hopeful that this device would work as described, but as soon as we arrived it scanned us and a wake of anti-photons and photons bombarded our ship."
"It was as if the device knew exactly what we had come for?or rather the Cardinal Valroona. It was almost coincidental that we arrived at the same time, I say almost because I have my suspicions. Time and quantum flux, the whole concept of destiny certainly can play havoc with the mind. If I had to guess, and I do hope I'm wrong, Q or some other force played into this meeting."
N'Doran hit several buttons on a computer panel and then several others. "Sir," she said, "the anti-photons and the photons are annihilating. The field will dissipate soon."
"Let's get down to it, what do you want?"
"The Terran Empire has expanded and is attacking the Cardassian Bajoran coalition and they're winning. The Klingon Empire has retreated and a new threat known as the Borg has entered our space. We don't stand a chance if we can't gain some advantage."
"So you want technology, weapons, you understand that I can't do that? The prime directive states we shall not interfere with matters that don't concern us."
"It does concern you, that's the problem." The Alternate Valroona tapped a few buttons.
"Sir," said Oyowhe, "we're receiving a transmission."
"That," said the Alt Valroona, "is intel on the plans of the Terran Empire to expand into alternate realities. Devices like this one are scattered throughout the quadrant. If we don't stop them here, then they'll venture into your space."
"As I understand it these incursions have already occurred as the Tholians from your space entered into ours."
"After we confirmed the information it became clear that there was only one course of action. We gave them what they needed."
"Cardinal, I thank We are grateful for the information and will begin to search for these devices. If we can disable them on our side maybe we can stop the incursion. As for your request," said Valroona who then nodded at N'Doran, "these are specs for my ship, along with designs for our quantum shields. This is the best we can do for you, use it wisely."
"I will Admiral Valroona, how strange it sounds for me to say that. May the prophets and Adaolin be with you."
"Adaolin's light be with you."
"Admiral, the signal is degrading and the field has decayed," said N'Doran.
"It?s fine. For now put a warning beacon here and setup permanent turrets. I don't want anyone else using this device. Once that's done, set a course for K-7, I'll be in my ready-room."
"Sir," began Oyowhe, "may I speak freely?"
Valroona stopped and nodded.
"How can you trust him? All reports of mirror universe dopplegangers have been that they are the opposite of ourselves. How do we know he won't use our technology to attack and kill?"
"Because I do, I know myself above all else."
"As the photon anti-photon field dissipated the device reappeared and the signal was lost. Though, I didn't have the heart to tell Oyowhe the truth, I trust my other-self far more than I do myself here and now. If the idea that all Mirror Universe people are the polar opposite of their counterparts in this universe, I must conclude logically that it is far more likely he is the so called good Valroona."

"Personal log, I feel that my counterpart couldn't have been nearly as bad as the rumors of mirror universe beings to be. Let us hope that we can both change the course of our futures. By the prophets may we be lead, and by Adaolin's light may our path be lighted, Cardinal Valroona out.?" Whomp Whomp Whomp Whomp Red Alert Whomp Whomp Whomp Whomp...As the video recording continued Cardinal Valroona was shunted to the far wall as the Galor Warship was rocked by several explosions. The video slanted to the left as Valroona crawled back towards the console, "Computer, emergency channel, encryption code Charlie Charlie Baker Alpha Two Two Niner, transmit all data on the transreality exchange to Bajoran high command." "Transmission complete," sputtered the computer as another explosion rocked the ship, throwing Valroona to the floor. On the bottom right side of the video, through the exterior window of Valroona's quarters a quantum torpedo sped towards the room. Valroona, from his prone position, barely visible in the viewfinder, spoke "By the Prophets?" The video ended with a massive energy expulsion.
"We will use the information as best we can Cardinal Valroona, may you find your place with the Prophets." Said a young Bajoran commander, her wide blue eyes trembled with anger and sadness. "We will win this war."

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