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01-22-2013, 09:19 PM
Originally Posted by theroyalfamily View Post
I doubt that. Why would they expect any borg to survive? They die if they get punched hard; being in an exploding sphere, and then surviving a fall through the atmosphere, and then hitting land? Plus, they were kinda in a hurry to get out of there; they didn't want to interfere with the timeline anymore than they had to. They didn't want Temporal Investigations up their butts, after all
It's the BORG. You ALWAYS check to see if it's really dead. ALWAYS.

Originally Posted by amill72 View Post
Time travel. I was enjoying the series until I saw a P-51 taking shots at a shuttle craft.
I wasn't watching when the final episode aired but I've seen those few final minutes. Blah!
To be completely honest, a Dogfight involving shuttlecraft and piston engined aircraft is something I have wanted to see in Star Trek for a long time...... it just..... why did we need time traveling space nazis too?!?

So that totally ruined that episode.