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01-22-2013, 10:24 PM
Originally Posted by sloansect31 View Post
The Australian government is the biggest toothless tiger out there... Gillard & Co won't do anything about this stuff because they simply do not understand anything to do with the internet (just listen to Conroy... that man has no clue!). Unfortunately it could mean that they come up with some crazy law that has some adverse effect on the game... but to be realistic the chances of that happening are bugger all to none.

And anyway... the gambling argument has been done to death... its not gambling - you always get something for your money - there is NO real risk - there is just a risk that you will not get something that you want (and that doesn't classify as getting ripped off cos you still got something you were told you could get).
If the Australian government starts to take a serious look into Star Trek Online, the only thing that will happen is Australian users being clocked from playing the game. It's an American game based in California. Australia can make all the demands it wants as long as STO is in Australia, but all Cryptic needs to do is cut off Australian users and Australia has no jurisdiction to demand anything. It'll suck for any Australian STO user, but they'll only have their government to blame.

On the topic of the lockboxes themselves, my Jem'Hadar boff wants his kar'takin! Make it the same stats as another melee weapon of the same level, you already have the visuals for it, and you could probably get away with reusing the lirpa animations. Done; easy product that people want that will make them more likely to go after lockboxes.

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