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surprised there was no thread about this, the new doffs

Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
Seggis - Vorta
Peaceful, Resolve, Tactful, Telekinesis
Biologist - Space - "Scrambled Readiness"

Causes your Scramble Sensors ability to also debuff the recharge timers on any affected targets.

* For this officer, it is a -50% debuff that lasts 10 seconds. It will always occur as long as the Duty Officer is on your active roster.
* All targets affected by your Scramble Sensors will be afflicted with this debuff.
* It has a short duration, effectively only "disabling" powers that have recently been used, since powers that are activated while under this effect will have their standard recharge timers reset by the debuff expiring, long before the cooldown would have ran out.
* A 50% debuff to recharge speeds means that a power that would normally cool down in 60 seconds will require 90 seconds instead. However, since the debuff only lasts 10 sec, this only really has a noticeable effect on powers that have <10 seconds remaining on their recharge cycle. Anything else will have its recharge period restored to normal when the debuff expires.
* In PvP, Science Team will cleanse both this effect, and the standard effects of Scramble Sensors.

his one, im a bit startled. this has mass team abuse potential. at least the effect only lasts 10 seconds and isn't permanent till its all the way cooled down. i guess it wont be that big a deal
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