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My crew was finishing his work on a damaged subspace communication array when an ion storm bursted out of nowhere. Of the thirty four men who were outside, working on the array, only six were beamed aboard, roasted...
Damage reports are coming in each minute, all main EPS systems: tactical, engines, sensors and communications are offline. Our auxiliary battery has been fused and is unusable. Life support is failing rapidly deck by deck. I have ordered emergency protocol alpha. Everyone, myself including, is suiting up for an anti-atmospheric environment.

Stardate 90671.24
My ship is now a derelict in space. Me and several other mens are going to salvage the satellite. I hope we can find all the pieces my engineering crew needs before any other ion storm pops out.

It's useless, we will never bring my ship back online with this communication array. Our best hope is to send a distress signal on all Starfleet subspace frequencies with the satellite.

A ship answered our hail, audio only. They'll arrive in this sytem in 2 days.

Stardate 90677.99
I can't believe it! The other ship's crew is a copy of mine. Their ship is like mine. Am I dreaming? Is all of this real?
Their captain, my clone, is willing to give me replacement parts on one condition. That I should stay away from the next Terran Empire Incursion! He says he would not enjoy killing me so soon...

Work is underway and engines are back online, life support is stabilizing and we will be able to transwarp soon enough.
However, I can't stop thinking about all this unreal event. Was it real? Was I really saved by myself? As I look in the mirror, I clearly see now that he might be the exact opposite of me.
I wonder if any experience of this kind were met by other captains.

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