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Originally Posted by valoreah View Post
I like both games but I agree with what you wrote here. STO has a long, long way to go in comparison to LoTRO IMO.
Well, Turbine's efforts are geared towards delivering a Middle-earth experience in LotRO. By that token, I don't want to compare to LotRO so much as I would like to see Cryptic's efforts become geared towards delivering a Star Trek universe experience.

I just don't feel like Cryptic takes the IP seriously enough.

I am an MMO fan on one hand. I am also a fan of Lord of the Rings, AND of Star Trek. So when I came to STO and to LotRO, I came as a fan of those IPs respectively. The biggest fundamental difference between STO and LotRO is that while LotRO was designed in such a way that the game's mechanics were wrapped around the IP, STO was designed in such a way that the IP was stretched around the game's mechanics.

Look at Risa... We have a beach, some hammocks and some trails to explore. We don't have the risa resort that was shown in the shows.

In Lord of the Rings Online, if I climb to the top of Weathertop, I find scorched earth, and the G-rune with the three marks that Gandalf left there. Someone who doesn't really care about Lord of the Rings likely wouldn't notice it. But anyone who calls themself a Tolkien Reader would automatically find themselvs looking for it, and smiling with pleasure at finding it.

To me it's not about which game is "better" so much as it is about which game puts forth a better effort to be true to its source material. I really wish I could say that it is STO. But as one who loves both Star Trek and Lord of the Rings, I would be lying if I did.
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