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# 1 TAC in a Cruiser
01-22-2013, 10:57 PM
I'm big on "canon". I've got a Human Male TAC officer. I want to put a him in a Cruiser--any suggested builds to make him effective both on ground and in space?

I'm thinking I can build his ground skills normally like a regular Ground TAC. Space skills would have to be chosen carefully--and augmented with the right set of BOffs and consoles to make up for the deficiency caused by skill mismatch.

He doesn't have to be the perfect 'toon all min-maxed for uber-tank or super-DPS or anything... I just want him to be effective and be able to hold his own in combat against a broad range of enemies--a jack-of-all-trades, not unlike the Captains seen on the shows.

Of course, being canon-centric, some things will be a given. Phasers and torps--the UFP don't use disruptor or plasma weapons--it's that simple. Other things are more flexible--shields, consoles, etc.

So... brainstorm and suggest away!

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