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I'm not an RPer, mostly because I can't keep a straight face while doing so, and often diverge into things that I find amusing, usually only leading to the real RPers getting mad at me. But I have an appreciation for it. This is a good article/video, thanks for doing it.

I'm curious, I often hear that STO isn't set up for RP, or doesn't support the RP community, but I never hear specifics. What are some things we (Cryptic) could be doing to support you guys better, without negatively impacting those who are not interested? Is there something specifically on the Environment side of things that I could keep in mind going forward? I'm always up for suggestions on other socialish places to include in maps besides bars/restaurants, but time/existing assets/lack of ideas often lead to more bars, etc.
There have been a lot of good ideas mentioned already. I'd like to suggest a few more. Personally, I've found that in general, STO is just fine for roleplaying, but there are a lot of small improvements that could be made.

1) Ship interiors. It would be great if we could get some more customization for them, maybe able to choose different lower decks? Having ship interiors accessible is great for roleplay; being able to differentiate them from each other would be even better (the Galaxy and Defiant having the same enormous warp core strains credulity somewhat). Updating the chairs in the ready room, private quarters, and lounge to be sittable would also help, or at least adjusting their placement so we can use a sit emote on them (right now many are wedged under tables and inaccessible).

2) Emotes. A lot of verisimilitude can be added to a scene through emotes, and the wider the range of actions available, the better. For instance, just today there were two fairly lengthy scenes in base sickbay; if the injured personnel were able to utilize some of the 'injured/pained' stances (as seen on NPCs) instead of laying down stiff as a board (the current 'sleep' emote) it would have added a bit to the scene and made it that much more immersive. Also, being able to trigger more emotes as 'continuous'; to reference sickbay again, keeping the medical tricorder running constantly while giving a diagnosis is better than occasionally triggering it for 3-second bursts. Finally, if someone enters an area after an emote is activated, they don't see the emote, just the person standing on a chair - fixing that would get rid of a minor annoyance.

3) Keep working on expanding the interior options available for fleet starbases. A huge amount of our RP happens on the starbase, simply because we can't be interrupted by random passers-by. An immediate upgrade would be expanding the lounge to have tables with more than two seats, a limitation that's vexed us more than once.

4) In reference to why we RP on the starbase so much; perhaps some way of allowing private instances on the social worlds (Bajor, Vulcan, et al) so we can act out away missions and so forth without interrupting or being interrupted by other roleplayers and/or people just trying to run quests and buy things?

5) It's been mentioned, but finding some way to allow more than 5 people on a mission would be spectacular. There are always more volunteers than spaces available on roleplayed missions.