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01-23-2013, 12:20 AM
Originally Posted by illcadia View Post
So what criterion defines 'bastardized game ruining boff setup' exactly?
Once Cryptic started releasing ships that where designed to do things other then there class setup... team play was destryoed imo... and in many others.

This would include the MVAM Excelsior first... and later.

and of course a bunch of fleet ships that have Lt. Cmd slots that are not in line with there class.... and all the lockbox ships go with out saying.

The original designers of STO... placed 2 Lt. Cmd and a Commander boff slot of the ships class on each ship. Look at the allowed ships these are the LAUNCH ships... it Cryptic employees that had there hands on things well after launch that are responsible for bad ideas like the mvam. IMO I would say it was around the time of MVAM and Ecel that the devs lost there way, and started working with no real plan for future balance.