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OOC: You know what i have a better long term idea for my team ao delete any knowledge of the previous post ok just make something up for them. I am going to go back to an original idea i had awhile ago and i doudt anyone here will know much about it. I hope not anyways so im changing everything ok. So please read this post all the way so you will know what i changed ok.just replace all the stuff with my previous toon with this one okglad we all agreed man im glad im on this late at night i can just ramble on lol ok now to get serious.

Agent Colorado walks onto the frigates bridge. takes a quick look around and heads for the captains chair.

schematics for the F.S.S. ( Freelance Starship) Mother Of Intervention

Crew: 150
Shields: state of the art prototype shields
Engines: Quantunm Slipspace Manifold
Sensors: Mk XIV advance sensor grid
Cloak: Installed
Weapons: Phased Tetyron arrays Mk XV x12
Tranphasic torpedoes Mk XV 5 bays ( 2 aft 1 port 1 starbord 1 fore )
photon torpedoes prototype model 3 bays ( all forward )
1 MAC Gun fore
8 Guass Canoons spread out
Armor: Neutronian alloy ( a specially made alloy capable of withstanding multiple hits to the bare hull.
Ablative hull: the entire main hull is made out of ablative armor.

the ship is made for stealth missions but is fully equipped to deal with any situation that should arrise. many weapons like her canoons are hidden beneath the armor till deployed to make her look vanurable. after a few shots these canons are able to rotate to any non new type frequancy.but are also made to be able to deal substantial damaget to any shiled type. he MAC gun can tear through any unshielded ship.and the torps well i leave them for the right moment.the ship has a fold jump drive but is also capable of slipspace normal flight instead of warp. all her power comes from the warp engines as the act also as the impulse engines as well.She is quite capable of engaging almost any type of vessel.

As he moves to sit in the chair

Colorado: helm keep us here until the republic ship leaves i dont want the federation getting any ideas.

helm: yes sir

Colorado: comm any word from nova team yet

comm officer: no sir nothing yet

colorado: damn well lets hope they find drake soon. Hail the republic see if she needs any repairs.

Agent Colorado Bio:
Age 29
species augmented Human
Affiliation: Freelancer organization
Specializtion: space combat tactics and ground combat
weapons of choice: Mk XV phaser rifle and a ballistic pistol
Armor: Mk XV Mojinor combat armor

Agent colorado is a top operative of the Freelancer organizition a by federation standereds a rogue group that engages hostile targets at their whim. They have worked with shield on accassion and are now vigiriously tracking down section 31 and drake. Colorado is one of the few to have this combat armor and commands the frigate Mother Of Intervention. Current location is classified to un autherized personel as is his current assignment.

OOC well i think this will work better ok lets carry on> And dont make fun of my ships name lol