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I was going to post this in the other lockbox thread here, but felt it was worth it's own topic.

So, from a PvP standpoint, what do you feel is the worst and least worst things that is gonna come out of the new Dominion lockbox?

To me, I'd have to say the Phased Polarons are gonna be the worst. I mean, the two best procs in the game for PvE AND PvP (IMO) in one weapon? Drain a ton of power, and then a chance to disable something on top of that?

Suddenly, your weapons don't hit as hard, you are moving slower, your heals are weaker, and your shields aren't taking hits or getting any regen, AND then on top of that, one of those gets disabled.

And that isn't even including the zillion other energy drain and disable abilities we can use on top of that.

So while I don't deny the new Jem'hader ships (WHY does the heavy escort have a hangar?) aren't something I look forward to, we don't know their exact details as of yet. So those are still technically up in the air for the time being. But the Phased Polarons? We all know exactly what those do individually, and how potent they can be; now they will be together in one weapon.

(If you like polarons, you'd better buy the consoles NOW before they go up too much in price; or rather more than they are already.)

On the other end, I don't feel the console swap is that much of an issue. I mean, Feds are getting Bioneural Warhead, which I like as a fun toy...but that's kinda all to me. I love getting a crit on it, because all it's little shots auto-crit when you do.

KDF is getting Nadeon Detonator, which I can't wait, but it still has all the normal shortcomings of a cheese console. It's a good console though. I can't wait to start using my B'rel as even more of a potent torpedo boat.

The DOFFs are kind of hit and miss. Some of them are more PvE focused, but there's a couple of noteworthy ones. The biggest one probably being the SS DOFF, due to the fact that you can use that with SNB DOFFs and/or normal SNB to really mess up someone's BOFFs.

That's the biggest things to me atm about this. The Jem'hader consoles could be trouble, but I'd rather know the exact details first of the other ships and the consoles before I decide.

Also, I think at this point folks, 'drain builds' are NOT KDF exclusive anymore. There's way too many things nowadays to allow a Fed player a drain build even without siphon drones. (Heck, just think of the Jem'hader ships with siphon drones when they come out).
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