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01-23-2013, 03:05 AM

Look at the Fleet Defiant. Look at the Fleet Armitage. Look at the Bug. Look at the Heavy Bug Carrier.

Least worst?

Mirror Advanced/Mirror Patrol Escorts. (Notice I didn't include the Mirror Vo'quv.) Like other Fed Mirror ships, they're likely to be next to free on the Exchange in a short period of time.

Honorable Mention


When I brought it up back on 12/15, it led to a discussion about why the Feds wouldn't get it. I figured they would still do it - retooling it, so it would not upset the Federation's delicate sensibilities about such things.

I Was Wrong, Kind Of

I tried to make the case that the Breen Sarr Theln Warship Carrier would be unlikely for the Dominion Lockbox because of the number of carriers that had been added already last year.

So I was wrong, kind of...nope, they didn't add the Sarr Theln. Not because they have added so many carriers to the game, but because they added two Dominion carriers and a Mirror Vo'quv...ahem, lol. Lol? Meh...

Future Speculation

The Breen Box.

Sarr Theln Carrier.
Breen "Capital Ship" (weaker version of the Rezreth).
Mirror Defiant and Mirror Negh'Var.
Deferi Transport.
Fed Leech or Aceton? KDF Ionized (retooled) or Grappler?
Breen Cryogas console.
Breen Trans Booster console.
(2pc and 3pc sets with the BED).
Breen ground set.
Various Breen and Deferi DOFFs that do things people couldn't have imagined.
Etc, etc, etc.

What other boxes could be lurking out there? Iconian? Borg? Romulan?

What's going to happen to box reruns when they up the level cap?

Yep, STO's future: