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# 6 Shattered Mirror
01-23-2013, 03:19 AM
The U.S.S. Aquarion is heading for its next assignment; patrolling the Alpha Trianguli block for signs of True Way activity. Captain Ray sits in the captain's chair, thankful that he and his crew have a relatively sedate assignment after the chaotic assignments they've been given over the last year.

"Captain, picking up a coded message, on our sub-band. Source... 2 Light years. Heading 150 mark 4" Pi said, his eyes transfixed on his console.

"On screen." I said, "Loeba, change course to intercept source."

"Aye, sir! Course laid in" Loeba said, her hands dancing across the helm.


With the ship now heading for the source we looked at the message. The video feed seemed to have been falsified. But one thing was clear: someone, or something, wanted me at those co-ordinates.

"It's clearly a trap." Six said, rolling her eyes.

"Of course it is" I responded "But how many traps have we walked into and gotten out of lately? I doubt anyone has enough knowledge about us and is dumb enough to try anyway." A broad grin had broken my vacant expression.

"Coming into visual range of the source." Loeba piped up, "Loading sensor image to main viewscreen."

The image held something I was not expecting, but not unprepared for... a Type-10 shuttle with imperial markings. What did catch me by surprise was the occupant, myself... kinda.

"Awright there, bawbag! I need a wee favour fae yeh." Amuro boomed across the vewscreen. He had acquired a large trio of scars across his face, one of them impeding his goatee, which now had a sizable bald spot and as a result of this, looked rather stupid.

"You will address me as 'Captain'. Standby." I said to him. I turned to Zazhid, "Shields up now, I don't trust him."

I accessed the site-to-site transporter, bringing the belt to the bridge. "Pi, scan for anything unusual, and I mean anything."

I picked up the belt which had materialised on the floor, affixing it to my waist before returning to the chair.

"Nothing unusual on sensors, Captain." Pi said.

"OK, put myself back on." I said.

"Guess yeh don' trust me, aye? Why no beam me aboard an we can gibber, face tae face?" Amuro said.

"Prepare for beamout." I said to Amuro. Closing the feed, I turned to Six "Beam him to the Brig, I see you down there."

I turned to enter the brig, and saw Amuro laying on the cell bed. "If yeh cannae trust yersel, what does that say aboot yeh?" Amuro said.

"That's just it, you're not me. You are the opposite of me. What is this favour you sought me out for." I asked.

"Oh that was just to get you here, just long enough for..."

BANG! The hull is rocked by heavy torpedo barrage. 27 Imperial warships had decloaked in a surrounding formation and were pummeling the Aquarion. Among them was the I.S.S. Epyon, Amuro's flagship.

"Oops, is the widdle Captain stuck in a spot ae bother?" Amuro laughed maniacally while signalling for beamout.

I was beamed into a holding cell aboard the Epyon, my attempts to hail the Aquarion blocked by a signal scrambler. Perfect.

"Amuro, you are not leaving this battle alive." I said to him, my voice flat in a tone of gravitas.

"Oh? I think I will, and you will address me as 'Admiral'." Amuro beamed "Let him watch the destruction of his ship and the death of his crew."

Amuro had begun to head for the door of the brig when the ship intercom flickered into life "Admiral, two ships have just appeared on sensors from nowhere! An Odyssey class battleship and an Atrox class carrier. Both ships have federation transponder codes!"

"Captain, how did two of your vessels approach us unannounced? We know you don't have cloaking technology outfitted for those ships."

"Spoilers." I said tapping my nose.

"Transport!" My belt had entered the conversation.

Cagalli, Char, and a dozen Maco's all beamed into the cell.

"Bit crowded in here." I chuckled.

"I brought something for that. First, you'll need this." Cagalli said, handing me the driver. "Code's entered already"

"Henshin!" I said into the driver, before slamming it into the belt and donning the armour.

Admiral Ray stood in awe at the sight of a strike team infiltrating his ship so easily while its shields were still online. "How... SECURITY TO THE BRIG! INTRUDERS!"

"Mathis! Charge the horn, we need to break this field!" I shouted at Mathis, deafening myself a little in the process.

"Och Aye, doin it noo!" Mathis beamed in his usual cheery tone.

"Tsuranuke!" I cried out while ramming through the cell's forcefield with ease.

"Admiral. Meet Cagalli, second-in-command of Pegasus and technological mastermind. Don't anger her any further, as she's liable to crush your head in her hand." I said to Amuro, barely able to keep a straight face, not that he could see it.

"I'm not afraid of you." Amuro said to Cagalli.

"All that says to me is you're either incredibly brave, stupid or ignorant. The Q continuum are afraid of me. You should be." Cagalli said, crushing the support strut on her immediate left merely by closing her left hand.

"Umm... Ah surrender?" Amuro said.

"Not today. Done with giving you second chances. Finish him off, Cagalli. Keep it painless as possible." I said, frustrated by the number of times my Mirror has crossed over to try and kill me. "Mathis, signal the ships to engage and destroy, deploy all assets. Order recall of away teams with ten second delay."

"On it!" Mathis cheered.

I turned to see Cagalli spin round, landing her right heel on Amuro's temple, moments before his head was splattered across the bulkhead.

"That was... messy. Let's go home." I said.

"How am I gonna explain the execution of my mirror to the Admiralty..."
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