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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
You want a science vessel that does damage? RSV is your ship. FRSV is if you really want a party.

Tier 5 Science Vessel
Hull: 29700
Shield mod: 1.43
Weapons: 3/3
Crew: 350
Device Slots: 3
Turn Rate: 13
Consoles: 4 tac/2 eng/4 sci

BOff Layout:
Cmdr Sci
LtCmdr Sci
Lt Tac
Ensign Tac
Lt Engi

+15 aux, SST.

What more could you want?

a science vessel should buff/debuff before doing damage (however my wells has 5000+ dps using a build bof buff/debuff first of all)...
that ship has just one tactical console more, that help (but you pay in resistance/tanking) becouse of 1 engineering console less), but does not mean that the wells isn't really a science vessel and can't have dps.

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