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I'm curious, I often hear that STO isn't set up for RP, or doesn't support the RP community, but I never hear specifics. What are some things we (Cryptic) could be doing to support you guys better, without negatively impacting those who are not interested? Is there something specifically on the Environment side of things that I could keep in mind going forward? I'm always up for suggestions on other socialish places to include in maps besides bars/restaurants, but time/existing assets/lack of ideas often lead to more bars, etc.
RP'rs are usually pretty good at adapting their environment to suit, even games like GW2 which have little RP support people find a way - remember, RPG's started life as pen and paper tabletop games where they had nothing but their own imaginations to work with.

Some of my own personal issues are more mechanical than environmental.

a) Ship "destruction" on death. As people've said, every ship explodes violently, you never see ships disabled allied or enemy. It'd improve immersion if ships frequently were rendered inoperable rather than destroyed; it happens plenty enough when the plot requires it so the mechanics exist in the game; this is especially true of player ships - the respawn mechanic cheapens dying. It'd be better to have a "downed" mechanic so a player ship becomes disabled; maybe keeps on drifting to get it clear of the fight, and when the respawn timer has counted down systems comes back online. (A ship frequently disabled will eventually be renderted helpless from critical system damage anyway so it doesn't differ much from normal respawn rules)

b) Size of spawns. The game addresses multiple players by spawning more enemy ships to compensate, but this can end up in rediculous scenarios where a routine patrol ends up having to cut through the entire romulan armada and half a dozen scimitar dreadnoughts - in these situations you have to get creative in your after action report or debriefing because there is no way you can realistically blow up 10,000 people every time you leave spacedock :p

A "4th difficulty mode" would be helpful, where instead of spawning more ships, it scales up the damage and toughess of the ships spawned to keep the situation dangerous without turning it into a clusterfudge.

Asides from this thought STO provides an outstanding amount of content to work with - bridges, private fleet bases embassies etc. and is right on the mark for RP's

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