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01-23-2013, 04:14 AM
I just wanted to add a new short term goal; fix cool-downs!

One of the big problems with cool-downs is that torpedo launchers, in particular the Romulan Hyper-Plasma Torpedo Launcher may fail to fire if the target is destroyed when you hit fire, but it still enter cool-down. Not a huge problem for that particular launcher but it's still a wasted salvo. It shouldn't be too hard to have the launcher track whether it has actually fired anything yet, and simply ignore the command to fire if it failed to fire at anything.

Similarly some items have the ability to be cancelled by hitting the same shortcut a second time, however it can be very easy to accidentally do this, resulting in a wasted ability that then suffers the full cool-down. For example the Torpedo Point Defense System can be cancelled, but if you do this accidentally (by pressing the key more than once) then it may only fire a single salvo rather than the full six salvoes, yet it still enters the same 3 minute cool-down! Such abilities should be able to scale their cool-down depending upon how long it was active for. For example in this case the torpedo point defense system would track how many salvoes it fired and cool-down for 20 seconds per salvo (so firing all six results in the current 3 minutes, but only firing one would result in only a 20 second cool-down). Otherwise what is the point in cancelling an ability like this?