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This is one of the rare good healer builds on klingon side: Fleet Corsair flightdek cruiser retrofit. It has a unique boff layout of strong engineer and science abilities. The ship would function best with an engineer captain, but a sci would also be good (lacks some self heals and power, but more debuff)

edit: This setup can also be used with a science oddy

Fore: 1x DBB, 2x beam array, 1x torpedo (chroniton or omega)
Aft: 3x beam array, 1x torpedo (chroniton)
(torps can be also replaced by beams, so you have a full beam boat)
Hangar: reinforced marauding force / elite scorpions

Deflector: adapted honor (=MACO) / Borg / Advanced Positron Deflector Array Mk XII [PartG] [Sen] [Targ] [Threat]
Engine: Borg / OMEGA / Advanced Fleet Hyper-Impulse Engines Mk XII [Spd] [Turn]x3
Shield: adapted honor (=MACO) / advanced or elite resilient fleet shield

Power settings: 100/25/25/50 (when under fire: 25/75/25/75)

main consoles are your sci-healing consoles: emitter arrays. Equip 4 of them (or if you want more shield HP you replace 1 a 2 for field generators). Fill engineer with 1 a 2 SIF generators. Fill remaining engineer and tac positions with consoles of choice like:
Console - Universal - Assimilated Module (more crit, hull repair, gravity)
Console - Tachyokinetic Converter (more crit, turnrate,gravity)
Console - Universal - Theta Radiation Vents (more crowd control and spam kill)
Console - Tactical - Automated Defense Turret (protect yourself from tric mines and slow torps)
Console - Engineering - Neutronium Alloy (more hull resist)

note: the emitter arrays can be "upgraded" by using following embassy fleet consoles:
Console - Science - Emitter Array Mk X [HuH] [-Th]
Console - Science - Emitter Array Mk X [ShH] [-Th]
Console - Science - Emitter Array Mk X [pla] [-Th] (can equip more of those)
The embassy mk X versions already give as much points as the regular purple mk xii ones. If you have mk xi or mk xii embassy ones, its really worth the costs.

Cmdr: EptS1, ES1, ES2, AtoS3
Ens: EptA1

LtCmdr: TB1, TSS2, ST3
LT: TB1, HE2


Doffs (make a good build):
2x damage control engineer
2x development scientist (reduce ST3)
1x tractor beam officer

The engineer has a lot of power, so can keep up pressure with the beams. The chroniton torps and 2x tractor beams are to slow the target. FAW to clear spam and tag all targets with APB debuff). Extend shield is always up, and every 15 sec you can use ST3.

In my opinion, shield heals and resists are better to give to the birds, although they do have weak hulls. This because shield tanking is the way to go. However, if you want more hull heals by replacing ST3 with ET3, you have to pay very good attention to your team. Because once the bird?s shields are down, hull is gone in 1 a 2 seconds. So you have only a small window to react with a hull hp boost. For those who rather want to use ET3, it opens the LtCmdr sci slot for vm1 or something else.

Boff layout would then be:
Cmdr: EptS1, ES1, ET3, AtoS3
Ens: EptA1

LtCmdr: TB1, TSS2, VM1
LT: TB1, HE2


Replace 2x development scientist with 2x maintenance engineers

If you want to do more damage instead of clearing spam, you have also the possibility with klingon ships to mount cannons and even dual heavies. Adjust your tac boff accordingly. But that?s not my preferred way for this ship, since its more like a classic fed ship, and not a high turn battle cruiser.

My keybind file (based on the spacebar bind) which uses the F-buttons to target and heal teammates can be found at

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