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01-23-2013, 04:32 AM
I wasn't thinking creatively when I thought about my worst...

Dread Bug Carrier
2pc Dom set
KHG set
Phaser Polarons

"Dominion Coordination Protocol console. This universal console will allow the use of a powerful attack pattern known as ?Fleet Maneuver Gamma? which increases the damage, flight speed and maneuverability of all nearby allies while granting them temporary immunity to a wide variety of perception and maneuverability debuffs."

"Dominion Command Interface console which can analyze a target?s weaknesses and broadcast that information to all nearby allies. The enemy afflicted with this weakness will find their damage resistance and defense diminished, while also having a single subsystem flagged as Vulnerable. If enough damage is dealt to the target while under this affect, the vulnerable subsystem will be knocked offline for several seconds. When equipped in conjunction with the Dominion Coordination Protocol, it enhances ?Fleet Maneuver Gamma? with additional effects, including a boost to allies? defense and accuracy."