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01-23-2013, 04:41 AM
Ok Normally a lockbox fan if not for anything bu the MU ships but seriously dissapointed with this lockbox. So on the offchance we get one of the carriers we need the bug ship to use them as fighters. (If I got the bug ship I would not be bothering with the lockbox anyway.) Also the Jem Hadar Mk XII kit will not show the costume option for KDF now at the moment the only character who uses the mKXI jem hadar ground set it my KDF character so if I did buy the lock boxes just to get lobi then it is pointless to upgrade my equipment as I don't get the costume option like my fed would. And finally how it is that the feds get two MU ships and the KDF only one.

This seems a prime example of KDF getting screwed now with lockboxes. The temporal lockbox seems to be the last one I will purchases keys for as the rewards seem to be becoming less and less impressive.

The only thing that would make me want to purchase this would be a MU bridge set for my MU star cruiser